Supalite and Equinox Tiled Conservatory Roof System


• Is your conservatory too hot in the summer?
• Is your conservatory too cold to in the winter?
• Is your conservatory roof leaking?
• Is your polycarbonate roof looking old and tired?
• Do you want a tiled roof conservatory and not a glass or polycarbonate roof?

Customers who have normal conventional glass and polycarbonate roof conservatories will tell you that they are nearly always the hottest room in the house in the summer and the coldest rooms in the winter, therefore making them unusable on really hot and cold days. Now there is an answer!

We at Absolute Windows Solutions are pleased to announce that we are now able to replace older conservatory roofs with the new state of the art light weight Equinox Supalite Roof system. The Equinox roof system has been designed to be installed as a retro fit roof product onto existing conservatory window frames, converting your old conservatory into an all year round usable room during both the cold winter months and the hot summers.

We have lots of experience in fitting the Equinox Supalite tiled roof system, we were the first company in this part of the country to start installing them and we have dozens of testimonials, our customers will tell you how significantly the Equinox roof will transform your conservatory into a room you can genuinely use all year round.

The Equinox roof is an insulated, light weight tiled roof that comes with a plastered finish on the inside. We do not work with the existing roof which you have, we take the whole roof off and put a much stronger frame on, we board out the roof and we felt the roof, just as you would a normal house roof and then we tile the roof with our light weight tiles, We fit 150mm of insulation into the inside of the roof with a 12.5mm plasterboard. There is the option for roof vent windows and downlights, which can definitely add another dimension to your room.

The Equinox system is a high performance product, it can certainly rescue a room that is not being utilised all year round. It has an incredible u-value of (0.15) ensuring that you will never experience these extreme temperature changes ever again.

It looks like it is part of the house as opposed to some conservatories which can look like they have just been stuck onto the property. If you were to walk into a conservatory that has a Equinox roof installed you would probably never know that it used to be a conservatory. The inside plastered finish as standard (with spot lights if required) is in keeping with any other room in the house.

We are able to convert all types and styles of conservatories including lean too, Edwardian, gable ended Edwardian and Victorian. More complex style conservatories are also possible to convert.

There is a choice of tile colours, including charcoal, moss green, antique red, burnt umber, ebony and slate.

We can build these from scratch, so if you are looking for a single storey conservatory type extension and do not want a polycarbonate or glass roof then give us the chance to give you a quote.

• Equinox gives and incredible u-value (0.15) that meets total building regulations.
• Lightweight aluminium fully structural frame with frame connector system for when new.
• Windows or doors are to be fitted to a new or existing building, choice of tile and slate colours, all tiles are tried and tested for many years in USA, Canada and Australia, giving you total peace of mind in extreme weather conditions.
• 50 year guarantee on tiles with a life expectancy of over 50 years.
• Large roof vents are available to allow in maximum light.
• Easy to install to existing window frames.
• 10 Year Guarantee on the workmanship.
• No planning permission required (unless listed building).

A government authorised Competent Person Scheme for the replacement of windows, doors, roof windows and roof lights