Roofline Fascias and Guttering

The roofline replacement system from Absolute Window Solutions offers you a superb range of fascia, soffits and guttering, downpipes, bargeboards and cladding.

Roofline or fascias and gutters as most people know it as is probably not the most exciting home improvement to do on your property, people often leave it until is in a state of beyond repair, when their gutters and downpipes are rusty or leaking or they have a insect or bird infestation in the roof or the wood is just totally rotten because it has not been painted for many a year.

We can significantly improve the look of your property and help reduce difficult and often expensive maintenance of your old wooden fascias & soffit boards. We offer a total replacement job, we take down all the wood and replace with maintenance free Upvc. We offer all the same colours as we do for the windows. We offer bird and vermin guard as standard, hidden ventilation, replacement of rotten felt and rafter ends up to the first tiling baton and re-pointing of your gable ends and edges where necessary.

You can significantly transform your properties exterior with Absolute Window Solutions' roofline. There will be no more need to climb those ladders to sand and paint. Our products are strong and long lasting and will require the minimum of maintenance.

Gutter Options

Bird & Vermin Guard

Bird & vermin guard provides protection for you roof. It is an effective barrier which prevents birds, wasps and bats from entering your roof space and nesting. However, when installing bird & vermin guard, it is essential that it is done professionally to prevent any alignment problems.

We know how important it is to prevent particularly birds from entering and nesting in the spaces underneath your tiles. Birds will often peck away at the roofing felt. This can eventually result in rain-water getting in unseen onto the timber rafters causing rot and into the loft causing damp. This will requires expensive treatment and worst case scenario maybe even a new roof.

This is why our experienced fitter will ensure that adequate barrier is created against birds, vermin and other large insects. Our bird and vermin guard is made of a recycled Upvc material which is resistant to further attack and enables rainwater to drain away into the gutter rather than onto the rafters.

We will also ensure that the underside of profiled tiles and the underlay on pitched roofs remain protected by using quality materials that are durable and resistant to decay.

At Absolute Window Solutions you can be safe in the knowledge that we are committed to providing you the very best products on the market today with the highest levels of both installation and after care service.

All installations are covered by a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

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