New R9 Window System

Residence 9 is a Flush Sash Upvc replacement window which has been designed to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash timber window. This window is ideal for use in conservation areas due to its authentic appearance, but is in fact suitable for any homeowner who is looking for a top end luxury window system for their property which is low maintenance.

No Painting
No Rotting
Low Maintenance

Whilst wooden windows are beautiful in their looks, they don’t always look so great if they are not looked after regularly. The up-keep and maintenance of sanding and re-painting can be both time consuming and expensive.

Every Residence 9 window is custom made to your own personal requirements.

You can totally specify everything including the style, colour and hardware.

Every window is different.

A skilled craftsman will manufacture your window, to your sizes and specification.

The Residence 9 mechanical joints require finesse and attention and can only be executed with hand finishing by individuals who are masters of their trade.

Only by replacing mass production machinery with craftsmen can you achieve the traditional jointing features which stand Residence 9 apart from the modern mitred alternatives.

Why go for Residence 9?

What really sets the R9 window apart from its competitors it its unique frame design. It is 100mm wide and has 9 separate chambers. It is superior to the rest of the Upvc double glazed market with their 70mm frames and their typically 3 and 5 chambered designs.

Not only is it very strong and thermally efficient, but it will fit neatly into the gap left when taking out your original 19th Century timber windows which were 95mm depth. At 100mm thickness the Residence 9 window systems covers the old paint lines on the brickwork which will be visible when fitting 70mm windows.

It can accommodate 28mm double or 44mm triple glazing. It achieves a U-Value of 1.2 when double glazed which is market leading and 0.8 U-Value when triple glazed >>. Not only is the thermal and acoustic performance outstanding. The system achieves one of the highest classifications on weather test due to its robust design. It is hand finished and made by craftsmen.

Flush casement windows in all materials are becoming increasing popular again, Architects have been specifying flush sash casement windows in particular into executive homes, and they are arguably the nicest looking casement windows. The R9 windows system is becoming an increasingly popular option. It looks fantastic, has great thermal and acoustic performance and is very low maintenance It comes in a fantastic range of traditional colours.

The choice of colours

19th Century windows were never stained and always painted. This is why Residence 9 is only available in a range of traditional colours.

The grained white is the most popular colour, however if this white is not quite to your liking, you may prefer the “clotted cream” or “Cotswold biscuit”. There are other fantastic colours which are available which may suit more modern properties; there are some very contemporary greys and pastel greens.

Flush Sash

In the 19th Century the window designs had a flush sash. This photograph shows the Residence 9 flush sash appearance from the outside. Note the traditional butt joints where the sections are joined. This can only be achieved with craftsmen and not with automated machinery and this technology is unique to Residence 9!

As you can see in the completed installation, the flush design is key in terms of maintaining its authentic appearance and close-up; the traditional mechanical joints work a treat in terms of giving it that all-important rustic charm.


Old wooden windows often had a raised moulding that ran horizontally across the transom. This bar looked distinctive and gave the window depth and character. Its function was to shed dripping water and to increase the strength of the window. That’s why we recreated the feature with Residence 9.


You can personalise your Residence 9 windows with a choice of handles. The monkey tail and pear drop designs were popular designs of the period. If your home is more contemporary you can also go for more modern finishes like chrome, brass or pewter patina.

Authentic Butt Hinge

With your Residence 9 window, you can specify traditional butt hinges to maintain original features. Modern windows often lack this character as the hinges are hidden. The authentic ironmongery is crucial to maintaining an authentic appearance.

Original Detail

Many properties in our cities were built with sash windows at street level and flush casements in the upper floors and rear elevations. These windows were usually tall and grand. Residence 9 is designed for this application and can be manufactured in sizes and styles to replicate the originals. Your Residence 9 windows will have deep ornate detailing to the inside, flush sash to the outside and can be fitted with period hardware such as handles and peg stays. Georgian bar latticework to the glass can be replicated using our bespoke sections.

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