Sliding Sash Windows

Our stunning Upvc sliding sash windows are virtually indistinguishable from the timber windows they could be replacing. We have married the vintage charm of sliding sash windows with the modern expectancy of thermal efficiency and security.

We install top of the range operating mechanisms with the very best hardware and security on the market today.

The renaissance sliding sash window system is still a relatively new window system. It was designed about 10 years ago. When being designed it took into account all the elements you would expect to get on your traditional timber window. It also looked at what the market was currently offering and improved upon this. We believe we are offering the best Upvc sliding sash system on the market today.

Sculptured System

The sculptured system (curved profile) was created to give the window a look of elegance rarely found with Upvc windows. These curves soften the appearance of the window giving an improved aesthetic finish. In addition to this, the system also offers very slim profile sections in terms of the jambs, sash sections and mid-rail. This is to recreate the appearance of a traditional sash window authentically.

Sliding Sash Colour Options

The choice of colours

Easy to clean

Not only have our windows been designed to look stunning but they are also extremely practical. All our sliding sash windows are manufactured as standard with an inward opening tilt facility. This allows cleaning of the glass and frame from the inside of the property.


Secured by Design

Homeowners wanting great looking windows needn't compromise on security. We are proud to offer one of the most secure windows on the market.

Awarded the highly respected 'Secured by Design' accreditation, it was devised by the association of Chief Police Officer, to focus on crime prevention in homes.

Upgraded features

  1. Upgraded locking catch fixed directly in to the sash reinforcement
  2. Upgraded locking keep fixed in to the internal beading in four places
  3. Security blocks fitted to the top sash to stop lateral force being used to push the sash inwards
  4. Additional reinforcement in the outer frame channels
  5. Reinforced tilt latches to top and bottom sashes

Please note that Secured by design window is not standard. It must be requested as part of the window specification.

Sliding Sash Options

We can find a solution to suit your situation



Got a particularly wide window? Then you could take advantage of our ‘flag window’ solution. This gives you the opportunity to link up multiple sliding sash windows in various formats. We can tailor something specifically for you without losing a large amount of glass area.


A Gently curved bow window or an angled bay window can give your house that kerb wow factor. Our bay and bow window options can replace existing bay and bows with simililar accommodating aperature.


As your old timber windows become less reliable and draughty and need more maintenance. Many people may not think it is possible to have an arched window in a Upvc sliding sash option. We are pleased to be able to offer you our arched top sliding sash windows. These windows look equally as good as their timber equivalents. These windows are custom made and can be manufactured to suit any aperture.

Acoustic Laminate Glass

If outside noise is a particular issue why not consider our acoustic laminate glass option? This is designed specifically for noise reduction and protection for your property.

Glazing bar options

Over time sash window styles have altered periodically. From the multiple squares of the 'Georgian era' to the single vertical bar of the 'Victorian Era'. We offer a solution to both. Today's bars options emulate the style of the period without the need for individual units of glass. This will make them more thermally efficient whilst not compromising on appearance.

Hardware and Window Accessories

All the hardware used on our sliding sash is designed to complement the window.

A) Lift Hooks
Designed to help lift the bottom sash up. These come as standard and are fitted retrospectively once in-situ.

B) Sash Locks
Securely keeps the top and bottom sashes locked together, supplied as standard on every window. Windows with a width of 1000mm or greater are fitted with 2 as standard.

C) D – Handles
Can be fitted internally or externally to aid in sliding the top sash downwards. These are optional.

D) Ring Pulls
Optionally fitted to help pull down the top sash.

E) Run through sash horns
Traditional sash windows feature a sculptured timber section which acts to prevent the window being open too far. In an effort to make our window indistinguishable from the original sash windows. We have developed an alternative to the plant on decorative sash horn. The sash horn is incorporated into the top sash profile.

F) Trickle vents
Trickle vents are located in the top sash of the sliding sash window. They allow a consistent flow of air in to the property. Trickle vents will help avoid problems associated with poor ventilation in naturally ventilated spaces and condensation problems.

G) Safety restrictors
The purpose of these safety restrictors is to limit how far the top and bottom sashes slide up and down. Designed for child safety; the window cannot open more than 100mm. This function can be overridden should you need to fully open the window. However, the restrictors are designed to re-engage so that you can never forget to turn them back on.

H) Tilt buttons
Lateral operation to allow the top and bottom sashes to tilt inwards for cleaning.

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