Our High Performance Upvc Replacement Windows

Upvc windows and doors are still probably the best value for money windows out there on the market today. We fit Kommerling (O70 Gold) Upvc windows, We offer on all our windows high security multi-locking systems to provide enhanced security, strength and resistance against any unwelcome visitors.

We can fit a chamfered (C70 Gold System) and a fully sculptured (070 Gold system) Upvc profile depending on the look you prefer or whether you need to match up with some existing windows in your property. We fit the sculptured profile as standard as we think it looks better aesthetically, however we have customers that do go for the chamfered profile.

You can have a superb choice of coloured frames. Irish oak, chartwell green, black ash and anthracite grey in particular are proving to be very popular, there are many other colours including the very popular standard woodgrain profiles rosewood and light oak. You can even have a colour on the outside and white on the inside. If you are on a tight budget, which many of us are, White Upvc windows are still the best value for money.

We offer you an unrivalled choice and variety of designs including one-piece arched frames and round and shaped windows. We offer all leaded and georgian bar options including astragal bar. If you have an original leaded light that you wanted to keep, we can encapsulate this into a double glazed sealed unit. So in effect you are turning it into a triple glazed unit.

Our A-rated Windows double glazed Upvc windows will give you maximum thermal efficiency. You'll use less energy at home and generate less CO2. Our A-rated windows are double glazed, there is the option to upgrade to a triple glazed >> window, this will take the thermal efficiency to another level and further reduce any outside noise.

A government authorised Competent Person Scheme for the replacement of windows, doors, roof windows and roof lights